Command to print previous year in UNIX

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Old 08-27-2014
Command to print previous year in UNIX

hi all,

I use
date +%Y

which gives Current year.

Requirement: I want previous year to be printed. Please help me.

Note: I tried
date +%d/%m/%Y -d "-1 years"

which is not working.

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Old 08-27-2014
date +%d/%m/%Y | awk -F '/' '{$NF--}1' OFS='/'

you can assign it to variable
last_year=$(date +%d/%m/%Y | awk -F '/' '{$NF--}1' OFS='/')

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Old 08-27-2014
hi thanks alot.

Could you please help with previous month as well.
and request you to just explain ($NF--)1 in your code
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Old 08-27-2014
$NF-- is to decrease the value of last field (year in this case) by 1.
1 is a true condition to print the result

for previous month, use the below code
last_month=$(date +%d/%m/%Y | awk -F '/' '{$2 = ($2 == 12) ? 1 : $2-1}1' OFS='/')

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Old 08-27-2014
Thanks a lot srini.
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Old 08-27-2014
Or u can also use

HTML Code:
date --date='1 year ago' +%Y
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Old 08-27-2014
Originally Posted by SriniShoo
for previous month, use the below code
last_month=$(date +%d/%m/%Y | awk -F '/' '{$2 = ($2 == 12) ? 1 : $2-1}1' OFS='/')

I guess you meant to write
prev_month=$(date +%d/%m/%Y | awk -F '/' '{$2 = ($2 == 1) ? 12 : $2-1}1' OFS='/')


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prev_month=$(( (10#$(date +%m)-13)%12 +12 ))

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