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Originally Posted by quakesrus
I now just need to script around this command so that I can loop through all groups of files (XX.YYYY..ZZZ.2014.001.*, XX.YYYY..ZZZ.2014.002.*,... XX.YYYY..ZZZ.2014.365.*) that I need to concatenate instead of having to cat each group manually.
This is rather easy. Notice that the following is only a sketch, add error reporting to it to your hearts content:

#! /usr/bin/ksh

typeset -i   iCnt=1
typeset -ZR3 chCnt=""
typeset    chFileMask="XX.YYYY..ZZZ.2014"

while [ $iCnt -le 365 ] ; do
     cat "${chFileMask}.${chCnt}."* > "${chFileMask}.${chCnt}"
     (( iCnt += 1 ))

exit 0

The "-ZR3" makes a right-justified, zerofilles string. Feeding it "1" as content makes it "001", etc..

I hope this helps.

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Thanks bakunin,
you saved me a bunch of time.

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