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SFTP batch script

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SFTP batch script


I am running an sftp batch script.

sftp -b user@host <<EOF >> /tmp/file.out
put file.txt

However, I am getting errors.

No such file or directory (user@host).

I checked the forums which says I need to access the current process eg for linux I would need

sftp -b /dev/stdin user@host <<EOF >> /tmp/file.out
put file.txt

I am using HP-UX 11.0, what would I use instead of /dev/stdin?

Many thanks
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See your other thread - I've put an example of how to use the -b option there. Place your commands in the batchfile and redirect the output somewhere.

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Thanks Zazzy you're a star.

I'll give this a try.

Helen :-)
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Another Option for using SFTP in a batch script

I was having a problem figuring out how to "access" the stdin in a batch on our server (most of the UNIX gurus that I normally ask are out of the office today). So I settled on creating a temporary ftp script by echoing my commands to it and then calling that from sftp -b.
Hope this helps someone else.
-- Eric

# Shell script to send a file to a host
# 1 = output file (with path)
# 2 = user_id@server_name combination
# 3 = acr_directory
# test.txt user_name@ /tmp/


echo cd $host_dir > /tmp/sftp_to_host$$.ftp
echo put $outfile >> /tmp/sftp_to_host$$.ftp
echo bye >> /tmp/sftp_to_host$$.ftp

sftp -b /tmp/sftp_to_host$$.ftp $user_server > /tmp/sftp_to_host.log

rm /tmp/sftp_to_host$$.ftp
rm /tmp/sftp_to_host.log

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