SFTP File transfer issue

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Old 08-06-2014
SFTP File transfer issue

Hi guys,

Need a quick and urgent help on below issue.

One of our application is try to transfer the file to another host thru sftp process

My file is about 1 GB.

Job is getting hung while transferring the file. So when I login as sftp and check the file system space is only in MB as below
sftp> df -hi /app
6422528 741305 5681223 5681223 11%

but when I login to that system directly I can see
/dev/mapper/appvg-applv 97G 65G 28G 71% /app

It shows 28G file space is there in /app

Any idea why? Help is much appreciated.

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Old 08-06-2014
Hello Vinoth Kumar G,

It might seem a silly question, but are you certain you are using the same server for both views of this filesystem?

If so, perhaps the account you are using is in a chroot jail. This means it's home directory is seen as / so doing a df -hi /app could actually be looking below the home directory of the account you are connected to. Can you find the file you are writing where you expect to find it? The sizes of the logical volume don't match, so maybe you are trying to write your huge file under your home directory, and after it aborts, sftp removes the partial file again.

Does that make more sense?

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Old 08-06-2014
df -i shows inodes, not MB.
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