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Old 07-30-2014
New to Forum & Sun Surefire V210 Access

Purchased a Sun Surefire V210 Server off eBay. Unable to Access the Terminal Mode via the Terminal MGT. Using Windows 7 home, and downloaded the ConEmu.

The ConEmu brings up a Command line on the PC, and that's it.

Being new to all this, I was expecting a Login prompt to pop up. Read the Server guide and no information except use either the rj45 or 9 pin in the Terminal MGT port, which I've done.

I have the Saprent USB to 9 pin, with a Cisco cable.

Can someone provide some help to a newbie/oldbie?

Thank you in advance.

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Trying to post this URL again. I guess I need five posts first.

I found this book on Oracles site:

Won't be able to check the results from Chapter 3, until I get home.
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Old 07-30-2014
I'm not sure that your means of connection is adequate.

Here's the basics. I'm being lazy and providing a link (on this forum) to a dialogue I had in the past. This refers to a V240 but a V210 is the same when it comes to this.

[SOLVED] Console connection to V240

After you've read that post back your questions.
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Old 07-30-2014
Thanks Hicksd8. According to that thread, she used another pc and/or cable to access the v240.

Since the v210 is new to me, and the USB/9pin are brand new, I'm not sure they work. The driver says it's installed, and it has no errors, but I get nothing except a C: Prompt.

I read somewhere that you type in, #. I haven't been home since I read that. I'll have to check when I get home.

If not, when you power on everything, the V210 should send something to the Terminal Emulator correct? What should I see on the Terminal Emulator? Should I get a SC> prompt or a login in prompt?

Had an old breakout box in my trunk. I threw it away about two weeks ago. Ugh!
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Old 07-30-2014
Okay, read that thread again.

Let me say this as clearly as I can............

The SER-MGT port is a RS-232 serial port!! Yes, it's a RJ45 but don't let that put you off. Assume that it's a DB9 in disguise. Got that? Yes, I do mean that.

Sun produce a serial cable with a RJ45 at one end and a DB9 at the other. The RJ45 goes into the SER-MGT and the DB9 goes into any old PC port or a dumb terminal such as a VT100.

A terminal emulator on a PC is fine. HyperTerminal will do.

Typical settings are 9600-8-N-1 but baud rate of the Sun might be set differently via the ALOM.

If you don't have a Sun serial cable, the light blue Cisco cables used for managing switches are exactly the same. Borrow one from your network boys. They get tons of these but seem to bin them all because they have too many.

Set up your terminal and then power up the Sun. If you get garbage the baud rate (of your terminal) is wrong. You should see the ALOM boot (it's a Linux appliance underlying the Sun box) which will then land you with a OK prompt.

Let's see if you get that far, then post back.

If I haven't succeeded in making that crystal feel free to ask.

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If your PC doesn't have a DB9 serial port I see no reason why you couldn't use a USB to DB9 to give the PC a serial port. However, you'll still need a DB9 to RJ45 serial cable to plug into the USB adapter.

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Old 07-30-2014
Thanks Hicks. The cable setup I have is a Cisco with RJ45 on one side and 9 pin on the other. I connect that to a 9 pin/USB that connects to my Windows 7 pc.

Windows 7 doesn't have HyperTerminal. I'll have to try Putty or use a suggested fix (Copy 4 files from XP, and paste in Windows 7).

I'm also wondering if the problem could be any of these, 1) Cable setup, 2) V210, 3) Terminal Emulator or a combination of the three.

Thanks for your help.

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Oh, this is my V210. Also bought a Cisco switch. Using them to practice. Planning on becoming an Admin, and do some programming.
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Old 07-30-2014
Okay, let me also say this.

As I already said, there is a Linux appliance under the SPARC box (known as the ALOM) which helps control/configure hardware, etc. To see this thing boot, power the Sun box up from no volts (power cord removed). As soon as volts are applied to the cabinet the ALOM will boot. The power switch on the front of the cabinet only controls the SPARC side.

So connect your terminal (whatever it is) and turn on the power from cold and see what you get.
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Old 07-30-2014
Okay Thank you. I'm guessing many people only use the Power Button?

Funny thing, because I bought the v210 on ebay, it's a long box. I slide it sideways under my table and either push the power cable on, or pull it off.

Thanks for your help. I'll post what happens tonight.

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Seller on eBay just told me that if you don't Buy Now, the power cord, and Sun Solaris 10 disk or any operating system does not come with the Sun Fire v210.
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