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Using read with escaped variables

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Using read with escaped variables

Not sure if this is possible, but I'm trying to read in a variable that needs to have its escape backslashes intact. So the person who enters the actual value does not have to type any \ characters. Example:

read list
X1000\ filecab.txt

echo "$list"

In this case the \ needs to be entered by the person who is prompted to enter input. Is there a way to preformat the read so that the \ can be inserted after the fifth character, and then a space created? Or does the person doing the input just have to remember to enter it each time?
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What value you want in variable $list?
if you want X1000 filecab.txt then person have to enterX1000 filecab.txt
if you want X1000\ filecab.txt then person have to enterX1000\\ filecab.txt
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Not sure if this helps or what you intend to do with the variable...
This is for bash shell
read -p "Enter string: \\" str
echo ${str}

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To tell read not to interpret backslashes, do read -r
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