Script to delete files line by line in .txt document

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Old 07-15-2014
Script to delete files line by line in .txt document


I am in need to delete files from a directory on a regular basis. I want to place all the files to be deleted in delete .txt file and require a script to delete files, line by line from this delete.txt file. Please help me with this script as am new to unix scripting.
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Old 07-16-2014
What have you done so far?

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Mod Comment i transfer this thread over to the beginners section.

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Old 07-16-2014
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Mod Comment Dear Users of this Board!

i would like to thank all the good and knowledgeable experts - you - for your ongoing support. You have helped countless people with your expertise and the willingness to share it.

Still, we have some rules in place and one of them is that homework and coursework is allowed only in the specialized board for this kind of questions. It is sometimes obvious if a question is homework/coursework and sometimes - like in this thread here - it is not.

In such a case we have established a simple course of action: someone, usually a moderator, asks what the thread opener has tried so far. If he answers this and shows his effort we at least have the proof that he did try to work out a solution, however inapt. We will try to correct what he did wrong, explian which misconceptions have led him astray, and so on.

Experience shows that the lazy (instead of inapt/uneducated) people, regardless of being student or not, will not answer such a question but istead wait to be spoon-fed a complete solution. As we - and i think we all can agree on this - do not want to support utter lazyness with our work we ask you to simply refrain from answering questions where a moderator or other user has asked such a question.

Please treat "What have you tried?" as a STOP-signal as long as the question is not answered by the thread owner!

Thank you for your consideration.


PS: @protocomm: I have hidden your answer for exactly this reason. Not, because it was wrong, but because it was premature. Thanks for understanding.

@balajesuri: Special thanks for holding up this rule.
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Old 07-16-2014
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