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Zipping the logs of directory

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Old 05-26-2014
Wrench Zipping the logs of directory

Hi Folks,

I have logs at the following location
cd /out/app/logs/

now that logs directory contain different types of logs now sometimes i need to
do disk clean up activity so i need to zipped the logs can you please advise
any command by which all the logs created in this directory are zipped to a directory which name begins as logszipped and along with timestamp so finally directory name will be ..logszipped26052014 (since today is 26may)Smilie
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Old 05-26-2014
UNIX has numerous archiving utilities. What have you tried so far?
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Old 05-27-2014
It would be better if you could use the date in your file names using the most significant part first, i.e. year. Can you change it to that it you become (in your example) ..logszipped20140526
  • because then you can simple sort and they appear in order.
  • What have your tried so far?
  • What errors/output are you getting?
  • What's missing?
  • What OS & version are you running?
  • What are your preferred tools?
  • What logic are you wanting to use? (age, range, file name based, etc.)
Most importantly, What have your tried so far?

It would be better for you if we can understand how you are thinking and how we can help. It also clarifies things for us so we spend less time guessing and re-working.


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