FTP configuration in Solaris 5.7

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Data FTP configuration in Solaris 5.7

Hi everybody !
How can I configure the ftp in solaris systems ? Wich files ?
To resume : I want to create a user wich can get from a ftp session running from a PC, some files without going up in the directories. If I attached the ksh or sh shell to the user, he can go wherever he wants. If I attached the rksh shell, OK for a telnet session but problem : no ftp session is allowed. The same for the shell /bin/false.
If someone has got an idea, I take it !!!
Thanks a lot.
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You need to put /usr/bin/false in the file called /etc/shells. Then you can give a user /usr/bin/false for a shell and they can use ftp.

But be careful of the restricted shells. They're easy to break out of.
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Thanks a lot !
But one other problem is that the ftp doesn't take the shell account. So if I place /bin/false as shell, the user won't be able to open a telnet session, that's great... But how can I configure the FTP for this user not to go in a other directory upper his home directory?
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Have to give him restricted access
Create a chrooted environment for that user ..
man ftpd has the details on how to
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Thanks a lot !
But how can I use chroot. The script is only working for anonymous and then enter password, but not for a defined user with password. Could you help me please ?
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Originally posted by MarcoW
Thanks a lot !
But how can I use chroot. The script is only working for anonymous and then enter password, but not for a defined user with password. Could you help me please ?
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Ok , The method i told u to use works only on SGI IRIX . sorry ..
For Solaris u can use proftpd . U can get the binaries at
proftpd.net .....
setting the config for DefaultRoot does the trick


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