How to extract UNIX output to excel CSV file?

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How to extract UNIX output to excel CSV file?

Hi guys - I have a file and output like this below:

File: myfile.dat
File has content like this: ABCD, 34, 456, 2324
I would like excel to have this:
Name (ABCD) Quantity (34), Type (456), Status (2324)
(Name, Quantity, Type and Status are columns)

I would like to export this file to excel. What command to use to email myself as CSV format?


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What do you want the output to look like?
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Like this (if possible), thanks.

Name Quantity Type Status
ABCD 34          456  2324
XYX  24          21X T

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Your file practically is that already. Add carriage returns, load it into excel as CSV, and see what you get.

( printf "Name,Quantity,Type,Status\r\n" ; sed 's/$/\r/g' ) < input > output.csv

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With some assumption that your file might look like this...
$ cat file
Name (ABCD) Quantity (34), Type (456), Status (2324)

$ cat tester
awk  'FNR==1{
		print head
		head = head "|,|[()]"
		$1 = $1
	    }1' head="Name,Quantity,Type,Status" OFS="\t" file

$ ./tester
Name	Quantity  Type	Status
ABCD	34	   456	 2324

For csv replace OFS="\t" with OFS=","
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