how to share printer installed on windows 2000 with SCO OpenServer 5.0.5

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Old 01-23-2006
how to share printer installed on windows 2000 with SCO OpenServer 5.0.5

i have wipro netpower server with p4 and 256 ram.
i want share dot matrix printer installed on windows 2000 prof.
with sco openserver 5.0.5. plz help me to comeout from this trouble.
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PRINTER_LIST(3) 							 1							   PRINTER_LIST(3)

printer_list - Return an array of printers attached to the server

array printer_list (int $enumtype, [string $name], [int $level]) DESCRIPTION
The function enumerates available printers and their capabilities. PARAMETERS
o $enumtype -$enumtype must be one of the following predefined constants: o PRINTER_ENUM_LOCAL: enumerates the locally installed printers. o PRINTER_ENUM_NAME: enumerates the printer of $name, can be a server, domain or print provider. o PRINTER_ENUM_SHARED: this parameter can't be used alone, it has to be OR'ed with other parameters, i.e. PRINTER_ENUM_LOCAL to detect the locally shared printers. o PRINTER_ENUM_DEFAULT: (Win9.x only) enumerates the default printer. o PRINTER_ENUM_CONNECTIONS: (WinNT/2000 only) enumerates the printers to which the user has made connections. o PRINTER_ENUM_NETWORK: (WinNT/2000 only) enumerates network printers in the computer's domain. Only valid if $level is 1. o PRINTER_ENUM_REMOTE: (WinNT/2000 only) enumerates network printers and print servers in the computer's domain. Only valid if $level is 1. o $name - Used with PRINTER_ENUM_NAME. o $level -$level sets the level of information request. Can be 1,2,4 or 5. RETURN VALUES
Return an array of printers. EXAMPLES
Example #1 printer_list(3) example <?php /* detect locally shared printer */ var_dump(printer_list(PRINTER_ENUM_LOCAL | PRINTER_ENUM_SHARED)); ?> PHP Documentation Group PRINTER_LIST(3)

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