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Old 04-03-2014
Network Setting file permissions dynamically

I'm working in a linux server where wrappers are executed by multiple users of different groups. The log and output files are created with 554 permissions by default. This is stopping other users to run the wrappers unless the log and output files are deleted or given 777 permission. Setting SUID and SGID on the wrappers and folders is not helping. I don't want to set 777 permission for the scripts. What is the better way of doing this without removing the files for each run or giving 777 permission?Please suggest
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Old 04-03-2014
Ever tried 564 ? (or 464 for log etc... giving full perms to group...)
In other words you have to be in the group for it to work I had cases when owner could not, its just for him/her to type
newgrp <the_group_required>
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