Try to use awk or sed to get available disk space

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Old 03-21-2014
Try to use awk or sed to get available disk space

Guys this is my 1st post so please excuse if i am asking something already answered

I am trying to write a script to send an alert whenever any of my servers runs low on disk space, i am getting the following output

9 Dir(s) 6,611,517,440 bytes free

I need to just get 6,611,517,440 from this string, see if this value is less than 2gb and if it is send out an email.

I need help with getting the number and comparing it with 2GB.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Old 03-21-2014
... | awk '{ gsub(/,/,"",$2); if($2 < 2000000000) print $2 }'

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Old 03-21-2014
A bit long-winded, but here's an approach:


# check that something was piped to the script
# by reading the actual pipe descriptor
if [ $(readlink /proc/$$/fd/0 | grep -c "^pipe:") == 1 ]
    # store the value that was piped to the script
    input=$(cat /proc/$$/fd/0)

    # extract the bytes and remove the commas
    sz=$(echo $input | awk '{gsub(/,/,"",$3); print $3}')

    # convert the bytes to gigabytes and compare if greater
    # than 2GBs
    getsize=$(echo "scale=0;${sz}/1024/1024/1024"|bc)
    if [ $getsize -gt 2 ]
        echo "Current size is greater than the 2GB threshold."
        echo "Current size is within range."
    echo "Nothing on the pipeline."
    exit 1

# done
exit 0

echo "9 Dir(s) 6,611,517,440 bytes free" | ./
Current size is greater than the 2GB threshold.

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