[Solved] Having trouble with simple grep search

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Old 03-13-2014
[Solved] Having trouble with simple grep search

I have a text file (allWords.txt), that I would like to search through. Here is a snippet of what it looks like...

I would like to use the grep search to search, line by line, for all words that contain the letter "h" and the letter "a" and output the number of times that occurs in that text file. How would I go about doing that?

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Old 03-13-2014
Like so:
grep -Ec "h.*a|a.*h" file

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Old 03-13-2014
Thank you very much!

What if I wanted to search words that do not have an "h" but do have an "a"?
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Old 03-13-2014
 grep -Ec a file

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Old 03-13-2014
Also how would I count the words that contain at least one "h"?

grep -Ec "h" file

Is that right? Or am I just counting the total number of "h's" instead of counting the words that contain at least one "h"?

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Originally Posted by vbe
 grep -Ec a file

Wouldn't I need to put something in there to exclude words that have an "h"?
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Old 03-13-2014
the -c is for the count...
I suggest you test without and see for yourself!
To give you an idea:
$ grep -E h 0003.data
haahed haahed
$ grep -Ec h 0003.data

What do you notice with the count?
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Old 03-13-2014
-c option will give counts for line which have match string, it is not counting the no of occurrence in each line.
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