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Old 03-10-2014
[Solved] Nested If

I am having a problem with a nested if. I am sure I am overlooking something. I check for the existence of $Pidfl3 and it exists, o this condition I then want to check for the existence of a next file and remove it. The first if is executed, but on the second if I get test: argument expected.

My Code

        if [ -f $Pidfl3 ]

          if [ -f $Pidfl ]
            rm "$Pidfl" 
          if [ -f $Pidf2 ] 
            rm "$Pidfl2" 


Can anybody help?

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Old 03-10-2014
Check your script whether variable is assigned value before you use it in If
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Old 03-10-2014
try double square braces

if [[ -f ${Pidfl3} ]]
  if [[ -f ${Pidfl} ]]
    rm "${Pidfl}" 
  if [[ -f ${Pidf2} ]] 
    rm "${Pidfl2}" 

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Old 03-10-2014
Double Square

Thank you

The double square brackets did the trick. As being new to scripting I am curious as to why?

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Old 03-10-2014
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