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Old 03-07-2014
Run script as root from command line

I have a script (ksh) that has permissions 775 and owned by root.system. This script takes the parameter of a full file name and chmods the file to 666 and changes ownership to user smith.staff.

ex: modify_file.ksh /home/smith/filea

modify_file.ksh has 775 and root.system ownership.

The issue is when logged in as smith, the script does not change ownership or permissions, even though root.system is owner of script.

How can I execute the script using su - root -c <command here> all within one line without having to enter root password? I do have access to root password and ability to modify script that is validating full file name prior to chown and chmod commands. Possible?
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Old 03-07-2014
There are very severe security problems with suid shell scripts. Whether or not a suid shell script is even possible depends on what OS you have. Many shells abandon any suid authority they find upon startup.

You should get the sudo package. With sudo you can arrange to run a program or script as root with no password.
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