How to create a file even root user also cant delete?

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Old 03-09-2014
Originally Posted by Perderabo
I thought that I had seen thumb drives with a switch to render them read-only. But I don't see any now. Maybe I was just dreaming.
You weren't dreaming. One example: Kanguru SS3 USB 3.0 16GB Flash Drive with Physical Write Protect switch: Computers & Accessories

I wasn't aware of the existence of usb flash drives with this feature. Reminds me of a time when floppies ruled the world.

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Old 03-09-2014
You can create a DCE (Distributed Computing Environment) domain, where the local root is not the domain root (similar to what is known today as "Active Directory" in Windoze-speak). You can effectively forbid the local root access to files within DCE. I wouldn't suggest such a setup at all, but it is possible.

The most common way of disallowing root to modify a file is to write to a network connection which stores everything at some remote location where the root in question is not root any more - syslog, for instance, can be configured this way. root has the power to switch that mechanism off, but you could at least see that it has been tampered with.

I hope this helps.

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