Extracting a block of text from a large file using variables?

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Old 03-03-2014
Extracting a block of text from a large file using variables?

Hi UNIX Members,

I've been tasked with performing the following:
Extract a block of data in column form
#This data changes each time, therefore automating future procedures

Please Note the following:
line = reading a line from a file_list that leads to the data
The filename is called mol_1($line).opt.out, the block of text is in the opt.out file

So far I have:
Set variables to assign line numbers the text I require lies between ( $ORB and $MULL)
######I would like to extract the text between these two variables#####
I'd like to make a seperate file 'HOMO'(Highest Occupied Molecular Orbital) in which is a temporary data file which I can work with.

Scope of file : $ORB = 18172, $MULL = 18278
Line numbers needed to extract is 18172-18278 (however these change therefore are created as variables)

The current script I have is:
#!/bin/bash -f
while read line

#mkdir HOMO
#cd ./B3LYP_631Gstar2.$line

OBEGIN=$(cat -n $line.opt.out | grep "ORBITAL ENERGIES" | tail -1 | cut -f 1)
ORB=$(( $OBEGIN + $OEND ))
#echo $ORB

MBEGIN=$(cat -n $line.opt.out | grep "MULLIKEN POPULATION ANALYSIS" | tail -1 | cut -f 1)

###### Works up till here, above is to show what i'm working with####
###Below is the 3 methods i've tried

#sed '$ORB,$MULL!d' $line.opt.out > HOMO
#awk 'NR==$ORB,NR==$MULL' $line.opt.out | cut -f1  > HOMO
#grep -E '($ORB: ){5}$MULL' < $line.opt.out > HOMO

#echo $MULL


Summary of task: Extracting a block of text from a large file using variables $ORB and $MULL as numbers

If you know how to extract data that is in columns ( Say I need only column 2 and column 4 out of 6 columns) to be in columns in another file (sort of like an excel file) that's be much appreciated!

Warm Regards, Klor

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Old 03-03-2014

Could you please confirm this is not a homework, if yes then kindly post the query accordingly. If no, then kindly let us know the input and expected output on same.

R. Singh
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Old 03-03-2014
Hi Mr.Singh
No this isn't homework, it's a way to automate my tasks and learn scripting whilst working on computer modelling. I am a Chemistry student at a Third level in university, working on computational modelling and my Lecturer proposed this idea as an 'extra learning opportunity'

####It is not graded##

The input file is large but the arrangement follows:

Title1      Title2      Title3      Title4      Title5
Data1      Data2      Data3      Data4      Data5
Data1.1    Data2.1   Data3.1   Data4.1   Data5.1
Data1.2    Data2.2   Data3.2   Data4.2   Data5.2


the expected output is:

Data2      Data 3    Data 4
Data2.1   Data3.1   Data4.1

Warm Regards,
Jason Deacon

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Old 03-03-2014
What would be the parameters to apply on the sample input to get this output?
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Old 03-03-2014
Hello Klor,

Following could help you.

EDIT: This should help in all in all data input file.

awk '/ORBITAL ENERGIES/ {getline;getline;getline;{a=$2" "$3" "$4};getline;{b=$2" "$3" "$4};getline;{c=$2" "$3" "$4};getline} END{print a ORS b ORS c}' check_parameters

Output will be as follows.

Data2 Data3 Data4
Data2.1 Data3.1 Data4.1
Data2.2 Data3.2 Data4.2

NOTE: Following code will work only for given input in thread.

awk 'NR==4 || NR==5 {print $2" "$3" "$4}' check_parameters

Output will be as follows.

Data2 Data3 Data4
Data2.1 Data3.1 Data4.1

NOTE: Where check_parameters is the Input file name.

R. Singh

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Old 03-03-2014
Thank you Mr.Singh,
I apologize that I didn't evaluate more.
The input file has many ORBITAL ENERGIES as titles which is why I used tail -1 when cutting the line number, as it is the last one I am interested in.

Also the data line will vary so sometimes i may data.2.5+4.5 ->2.9+4.9 lines, sometimes it may be 2.10+4.10->2.15+4.15 lines so the variables need to change and be integrated into the code as they won't be fixed numbers each time.

the parameters are as followed:
#line is defined as mol1 (molecule 1) but it will soon include 3-7 names in columnic order and read the first line then the second as a loop
Anything is # is excluded for now until I can piece together a functioning script.

OBEGIN = Searching to the bottom of the file (text) and extracting the line number from this position (cut -f 1)
OEND = amount of lines until the numeric data starts (important)
therfore ORB = Starting line of important numeric data

MBEGIN = extracting the line number of the next title in the text file
MEND = How many lines until we reach the numeric data
MULL = As it is the next title we must go in reverse and take numbers away therefore MULL is the line number of final numeric data

the #awk #sed #grep afterward are my failed attempts at inputting where fixed numbers would be okay however variables don't work for some reason

the #echos were there to make certain the variables had the correct numbers.

The input file has

~18000lines of text (including 4 other ORBITAL ENERGIES and MULL titles)
~500 lines of text

The desired output is

All Datalines,

#######I can manage the below after i extract the data lines####

inwhich I can then do the same to created variables from when
Data = 2.0000
Data = 2.0000
Data = 0.0000
Data = 0.0000
when 2 goes to 0 i will be able to extract those lines using grep

and therefore only have
data = 2.000
data = 0.000

lines in the final file therefore create a graph

Warm Regards, Jason
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Old 03-04-2014
I think you may be looking for something like this:
awk '
    for(i=oend; i<=c-mend; i++) print A[i]
' ostart="ORBITAL ENERGIES" oend=3 mstart="MULLIKEN POPULATION ANALYSIS" mend=3 file

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