How to switch between terminal screens in Sun Solaris 10

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Old 01-17-2006
Question How to switch between terminal screens in Sun Solaris 10

Smilie Hi everybody..

This is my firt post in this great forum.:

I have installed Sun Solaris 10 on an Intel machine..

Now i login in CDE desktop as root.
I want to switch between terminal screens pressing CTRL+ALT F1 (through F6) but nothing happens ??

any suggestions

thank you
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Old 01-17-2006
The ctrl-alt-f1 trick is a linux only thing. Solaris doesn't have separate terminal screens like that. You can open terminals in CDE by right clicking your desktop and choosing tools|terminal, but they open in a separate window in CDE, not as a full screen like the virtual terminals in Linux do.
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Old 01-17-2006
It's not a Linux only thing.
SCO Unixware and *BSD have that multiscreen switch thing too.
I don't know about Solaris, never used it.
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