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Old 02-27-2014
[Solved] sed command help

Hello all.

Im trying very hard to figure this out, but Im a newbie.

I have a file that looks like this....
6315551234 NJ224
5162224567 SUFF

Im trying to put a command together that will make it into this....

Im all over the place with commands, and all I have so far is this...
cat lines | awk '{print $1,,,,,$2,}' | sed 's/ /,/g' > TESTFILE

As you can see, Im still learning. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Old 02-27-2014
sed 's/\([^ ]*\)\(.*\)/UM,\1,,,,,\2,0/' lines

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Old 02-27-2014
Wow, that was so fast. Thank you so very much. Now I just need to study it so I understand how it functions. Thank you so very much.

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Another quick question....

How do I get rid of the space bewtween the ", NJ224"?

UM,8629027923,,,,, NJ224,0
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Old 02-27-2014
sed 's/\([^ ]*\) \(.*\)/UM,\1,,,,,\2,0/' lines

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Old 02-27-2014
Thank you so much. That last change made it easier for me to understand. Very much appreciate your time.
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Old 02-27-2014
awk '{print $1",,,,,"$2",0"}' lines

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Old 02-27-2014
Awk version:
awk '{print "UM",$1,x,x,x,x,$2,0}' OFS=, file

awk '{print "UM," $1 ",,,,," $2 ",0"}' file

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