Delay of upto 7 seconds after typing in putty

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Old 02-23-2014
Delay of upto 7 seconds after typing in putty

Hi Friends,
I am facing a very strange issue . I type something on putty session of servers of my work(locating in North America) and it appears only after 7 seconds or so. I am located in India. It doesn't happen with my colleagues who are sitting next to me Smilie.
I use the ssh protocol to connect to them.
Can you please suggest why it happens and how to debug it or fix it Smilie . And no i didnt do anything to my machine since it started to happen.

I deleted the putty.exe , download a fresh one, but still the same issue.
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Old 02-23-2014
Try using a debug or verbosity option in putty. It should tell you more about what might be going on.
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Old 02-23-2014
How do i enable the debug or verbose mode i putty. I googled and didnt find anything.
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Old 02-23-2014
Maybe here:

-v option:
Quote: `-v': increase verbosity
4.2 The Logging panel
3.2 Creating a log file of your session
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Old 02-23-2014
Does this occur when you ssh to a local server?

It sounds more like something else on your local PC, rather than putty.

Example of what I'm thinking: Some of our users shared some data on a USB stick. They also shared a rootkit loader at the same time. Their performance was impacted badly. The rootkit could not connect out but it consumed a lot of resources. I'm not saying you have a root kit. I'm saying something changed in configuration or your relationship with servers.

Can you revert via backup and/or restore to a point previous to the problem?
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