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[Solved] awk oddity

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Old 02-14-2014
[Solved] awk oddity

I have to apologize for my ignorance so this question is probably stupid.

How does awk process a file? Does it read from top of input file to end of file going line by line?

Yoda helped me create an awk script that helps me parse the named.conf file and output it into a .csv file but when entries below what its processing are commented out with // it breaks.

Since I don't want to have duplicate forum entries that script can be found here if you want to look at the script.

This forum post is trying to understand how awk processes and why it might fail to read text when entries below are commented out. It consistently does this throughout the entire named.conf so its consistent.
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Old 02-14-2014
I suggest you look up the difference between an awk comment # My awk commnet...
And a C++ inline/single_line comment // My single line C++ comment.

ANSI C only has /* Ansi C comment. */ IIRC...

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Old 02-14-2014
Originally Posted by wisecracker
... ... ...
ANSI C only has /* Ansi C comment. */ IIRC...
Comments introduced by // were added in the 1999 revision of the C Standard. So, current C compilers accept both:
// Comment to end of line.

 *     Comment from slash star to next star slash.

as comments.
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Old 02-14-2014
Try to ignore comment lines, e.g. by adding sth like /^\/\//{next} to the top of the awk script.
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Old 02-16-2014
Thank You everyone for your posts. RudiC suggestion helped me greatly. Thank You!

I know that will take care of any comments that begin with

Anyway to also add a way to ignore the comments that begin with

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Old 02-17-2014
Originally Posted by djzah
Anyway to also add a way to ignore the comments that begin with

The same way as RudiC already suggested:
Originally Posted by RudiC
by adding sth like [modification by bakunin:]/^#/{next}[mod ends] to the top of the awk script.
The hints we give are supposed to be read, tried out, understood, then modified and applied differently to serve a similar but different purpose. They are NOT MEANT to be followed blindly without thinking. If you are given "do procedure A" as an answer to "how can i achieve A" you should find out how that works and try "do procedure B" first, before asking "how can i achieve B". Chances are it will work if you have understood how A was achieved in first place.

I hope this helps.

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Old 02-17-2014
Understood. I did figure it out. I had to include all in the same line. I usually only ask for help when I'm failing with everything I try to figure it out. Awk has been most challenging for me. I learn best by seeing examples, especially being a beginner.
I apologize for my questions if they offended.... Seriously just trying to learn and can't find any good beginner doco/books

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