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Standalone FTPD within SMF

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Old 01-13-2006
Standalone FTPD within SMF

We are trying to run the WU_FTPD demon in standalone mode (-S argument) via an SMF service. Prior to SMF, this was achieved by simply commenting out the FTP line within the inetd.conf file. However, within SMF, I believe we need to carry out the following activities:

i) Remove the FTP service from INETD SMF service control (which should prevent INETD from monitoring the FTP port);
ii) Import the FTP service as a standalone service into SMF (so that the FTP demon then monitors the FTP port).

We carried out the following activities:
i) Disabled and deleted the current FTP service as follows:
inetadm -d network/ftp
svccfg delete network/ftp

ii) Imported a customised FTP manifest file that starts the FTP demon as standalone.

The FTP service is now running fine as a standalone service, but inetd is no longer fine. It continually fails. The following is found within the log files:

svc:/network/inetd:default: Method "/usr/lib/inet/inetd start" failed with exit status 1

Does anyone know how we can successfully run the FTPD service within SMF as a standalone demon without upsetting the INETD service? Simply disabling the FTP service using INETADM and importing our customised FTP service seems to cause problems.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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