[Solved] Appending beginning of filename to end

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Old 01-22-2014
[Solved] Appending beginning of filename to end

Hi Guys,

I have serveral directories like this:

(2013) blablabla(blabla) - blabla (blabla)

(1997) blablabla(blabla) - blabla (blabla)

and have to rename them to something like that:

blablabla(blabla) - blabla (blabla) (2013)

blablabla(blabla) - blabla (blabla) (1997)

Easy task, but I'm new to this and couldn't come up with a solution.

Thanks in advance!

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Old 01-22-2014
for dir in *bla*
        if [ -d "$dir" ]
                sfx="${dir%% *}"
                mv "$dir" "${dir#* } $sfx"

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Old 01-22-2014
Works like a charm!

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