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inetd problems?!?!?! - Help complete newbee!!!

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Old 01-12-2001

I'm in real trouble Smilie

One of our Ultra 10's went down and our Unix guys aren't around for another week or so (eek!) and we need to get it up and running again ASAP so after hooking up a keyboard and monitor I switched it on and it went through system check.

It then started to display the following:

inetd[101]: rquotad/rpc/udp version 1: rpcb_set: not started
inetd[101]: rquotad/rpc/ticlts version 1: rpcb_set: not started
inetd[101]: rstatd/rpc/udp version 2: rpcb_set: not started
inetd[101]: rstatd/rpc/udp version 3: rpcb_set: not started
inetd[101]: rstatd/rpc/udp version 4: rpcb_set: not started
inetd[101]: rstatd/rpc/ticlts version 2: rpcb_set: not started
inetd[101]: rstatd/rpc/ticlts version 3: rpcb_set: not started
inetd[101]: rstatd/rpc/ticlts version 4: rpcb_set: not started
inetd[101]: 100221/rpc/tcp version 1: rpcb_set: not started
inetd[101]: 100235/rpc/tcp version 1: rpcb_set: not started
inetd[101]: kerbd/rpc/ticlts version 4: rpcb_set: not started
inetd[101]: 10068/rpc/udp version 2: rpcb_set: not started
inetd[101]: 10068/rpc/udp version 3: rpcb_set: not started
inetd[101]: 10068/rpc/udp version 4: rpcb_set: not started


The box is not visible on the network but I am able to log in (after the messages stop I can type in username and password).

I have no idea what any of this means. My only real experience with Unix until now involves logging in, mounting the tape drive, running a backup and checking mail to confirm succesful backup.

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance

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Old 01-12-2001

One of my friends helped me get started solving the problem but he doesn't know much more than this...

Looks like at least part of the problem is the config for the network card - it didn't seem to have one.

We're running Solaris 2.6

Running ifconfig -a showed:

hme0: flags=842 <BROADCAST, RUNNING, MULTICAST> mta 1500
inet netmask 0
ether 8:0:20:b8:fe:ca

I ran ifconfig hme0 netmask

followed by

ifconfig hme0 down
ifconfig hme0 up

and ifconfig -a now showed:

hme0: flags=842 <UP, BROADCAST, RUNNING, MULTICAST> mta 1500
inet netmask ffffff00

I then set the default route with:

route add default

I could now see it on the network (ping)

Unfortunately the services that relied on the network card working weren't running so I decided to restart the machine:

Shutdown now

blah, blah...

Enter run level (0-6, s or S) I had no idea but my friend seemed to think it was 5 so we went with that.

After it shutdown and was turned back on I saw the following error at boot up:

configuring network interfaces: ifconfig: rolsyd10: bad address hme0
add net default: gateway Network is unreachable

And again the other messages started to appear - I think these messages were probably there before I just didn't know what to look for...

Anways that's as far as I've got - I've got to go home now... Next on the list is to try and edit the hosts file...
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Old 01-12-2001
Great job!

When you made the changes using ifconfig, the changes were
made from the command line, so when you rebooted the machine, there were no 'similar commands' to reconfigure the network card.

You must find the boot scripts (normally in a subdirectory in /etc ) and add the same commands in a boot script.

Great post and problem description, BTW. One of the best we have seen.
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Old 01-14-2001
Question Still Stuck...

Alright, I've edited the hosts file in /etc and the computer is now visible on the network at startup Smilie

Unfortunately I'm still getting the following errors:

At startup:

The system is coming up...
sylog service starting
sylogd: line 23: WARNING: loghost could not be resolved
The system is ready

After the login prompt appears the inetd error messages start up again:

inetd [102]: 100232/rpc/udp version 10: rpcb_set: not started

I don't think the loghost is too much of a problem but I'm worried about the inetd problems as there is a service that should be running (ExtraWEB) that I should be able to connect to via a admin tool on my PC but it is unable to find it... any ideas what could be causing them and how to fix it?

On a side note there was originally no keyboard or monitor plugged into the box but if I try to disconnect the keyboard now it beeps and says: Type 'go' to resume and dissapears from the network until a keyboard is plugged back in and 'go' is typed in... Any ideas how to get it back to the original state?

Thanks in advance.

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Old 01-16-2001
Before you unplug the keyboard:

kbd -a disable

This will disable the keyboard break and prevent the machine from halting when you unplug it.

After you plug the keyboard back in:

kbd -a enable

Also, if you disconnect the keyboard during boot-up I think it will run properly without it.

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