awk to add/subtract an integer to/from each entry in columns?

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Old 01-02-2014
awk to add/subtract an integer to/from each entry in columns?

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For some reason my question is not getting printed. Here are the details:


I would like to add/subtact an integer to/from two columns of integers. I feel like this should be easy using awk but can't think of how.

Example Input:
101	110
105	150
199	300
445	500

I want to add/subract 100 for each entry

Example Output:
1	210
5	250
99	400
345	600

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Old 01-02-2014
awk -v s=100 '{print $1-s, $2+s}' myFile

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Old 01-02-2014
Probably not the best code in the world, but I am still learning AWK:

 awk -v n=100 '{for(i=1;i<=NF;i++)printf(i%2?$i-n:$i+n)"\t"};{print FS}' file

Change n to the number you want to add/subtract. It will subtract for the first column, add for the second, subtract for the third, etc.

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Old 01-02-2014
awk '{$1-=100;$2+=100}1' OFS='\t' file

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