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[Solved] Length of each string

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[Solved] Length of each string


I have a file which has sequences which look like this

qwwerrtyuiopasdfghjmnbvfklzxerbvcwghjjkoowwqerrtggbddqsdfgaqwcxzakjtyugfsdefrtgyhujiknbbbbcdcdcxsxsx zxzxcvcfcdcg


Is there a way I could find the length of each string?

For an example:
(If I need to count length of STRING 1 ,I need to begin from

and stop at " > " of string2)

Could anyone advise?

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You have a carriage control (newline character) after >String1. This will not count that character.

awk 'NR%2==1 {keep=$0; next}
        NR%2==0 {print keep, length(keep $0)}  ' inputfile

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Doesnt the awk command you mentioned count the length per line?
I was wondering if there is a way to count length of a particular string.

eg: say for string2
it would count from

qwwerrtyuiopasdfghjmnbvfklzxerbvcwghjjkoowwqerrtggbddqsdfgaqwcxzakjtyugfsdefrtgyhujiknbbbbcdcdcxsxsx zxzxcvcfcdcg

till the start of string3? ( ie. till '>' of string 3)

I hope I am not confusing.

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Please use code tags for posting code fragments or data samples.

I would suggest you to post expected output as well to avoid any confusion.
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Try (untested)
awk '{print length ($0)}' RS=">" ORS=">" file

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