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Reading etc/passwd file

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ant:/var/adm/syslog $ swlist -l product|grep hadow
  PHCO_27035            1.0            shadow.h cumulative patch 
  ShadowPW              B.01.00.00     HP-UX 11.11 Shadow Password Enablement Product

I prefer trusted mode but I am not alone and others dont really want to try to understand... and Im fed up of fighting to activate root accounts...
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Just saw that, thanks for pointing it out and thanks for the help, greatly appreciated!
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Dont forget that for security reasons it is wise to only have root connection allowed from the console, and that is done by creating a single line file containing:
ant:/etc $ ll  securetty
-r--r-----   1 bin        bin              8 Jun 23  2003 securetty
ant:/etc $ more /etc/securetty


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