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Grep -B used with -f? (Searching a file using a list of terms, output is lines before each match)

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Searching for exact match using grep
I am searching for an exact match on a value read from another file to lookup an email address in another file. The file being checked is called "contacts" and it has Act #, email address, and contact person. 1693;abc1693@yahoo.comt;Tommy D 6423;abc6423@yahoo.comt;Jim Doran...... Shell Programming and Scripting
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Grep? - using a file of terms to search another file when the information is on a different line
I have a flat file that looks like this, let's call it Chromosome_9.txt: FT /Gene_Name="Guanyl-Acetylase 9" FT /Gene_Number"36952" FT /Gene_Name="Endoplasmic Luciferase" FT /Gene_Number"36953" FT ...... UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers
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Match list of strings in File A and compare with File B, C and write to a output file in CSV format
Hi Friends, I'm a great fan of this forum... it has helped me tone my skills in shell scripting. I have a challenge here, which I'm sure you guys would help me in achieving... File A has a list of job ids and I need to compare this with the File B (*.log) and File C (extend *.log) and copy...... Shell Programming and Scripting
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Grep multiple terms and output to individual files
Hi all, I'll like to search a list of tems in a huge file and then output each of the terms to individual files. I know I can use grep -f list main.file to search them but how can I split the output into individual files? Thank you.... Shell Programming and Scripting
Shell Programming and Scripting
Find common terms in two text file, xargs, grep
Hello, I'm interested in finding all occurrences of the terms in file1 in file2, which are both csv files. I can do this with a loop but I'm interested in knowing if I can also do it with the help of xargs and grep. What I have tried: cat file1 | xargs grep file2 The problem is that...... Shell Programming and Scripting
Shell Programming and Scripting

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