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Old 12-18-2013
Display Sftp multiple files in single command

Hi All,

I would like to sftp 2 files with a single command. I tried the below options,

sftp suer@test13:"/u01/home/oracle/SetDb.sh /u01/home/oracle/.profile" ./

But what actually happens is

Fetching /u01/home/oracle/SetDb.sh to /u01/home/oracle/.profile
/u01/home/oracle/SetDb.sh                                                                                                     100%   14KB  14.3KB/s   00:00

SetDb.sh file is overwritted as .profile.

I would like to transfer 2 files SetDb.sh & .profile

Kindly suggest.
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Old 12-18-2013
Can you use scp? This works with scp:
scp suer@test13:"/u01/home/oracle/SetDb.sh /u01/home/oracle/.profile" ./

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Old 12-18-2013

Thanks for your swift response.

scp command which you have mentioned works in other servers.

But in this server we dont have scp installed, any other options?
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Old 12-18-2013
You can try transferring it using SSH and cpio:
ssh suer@test13 'cd /u01/home/oracle/; find . -name SetDb.sh -o -name .profile | cpio -oc' | cpio -imu

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