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Getting a web page based on database

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Old 12-18-2013
Getting a web page based on database

I need to connect to a database, run a select query and get the o/p on a web page. please let me know how to do this via shell script.
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Old 12-24-2013
Simplest is to select with a command line tool, and deliver it as Content-Type: text/plain

Nest step up is to postprocess it with sed ( '&' = '&amp;' , '>' = '&gt;' , etc.) and embed into <PRE>...</PRE> in your HTML page.

Next step up is to postprocess it into an html table <TABLE><TR><TD>cell a1<TD>cell a2...</TABLE>.

I often add a leading marker column to help the postprocess find the header and cells: SELECT 'dAtA' as "dAtA", ....

Beyond that, there is PHP that runs queries to build the web page, and the whole gamut of web generation tools for ODBC, JDBC and proprietary to each RDBMS.

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