Mounted to mac, doesn't show DIR contents on first 'ls'

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Mounted to mac, doesn't show DIR contents on first 'ls'


I have a cronjob that mounts machines every 15 minutes.

sudo mount -t cifs -o username=Ren_user,password=AIB#1109$,nounix,bg,sec=ntlmssp  // /mnt/clinical/234mac

When I open a new shell and
ls /mnt/clinical/234mac

to the mount point it is blank, but when I do the exact same thing again I can see files on the machine. This strange occurrence is keeping me from automating a data transfer from the macs. Does any one know what is going on?

I've attached a photo of it. It only happens in a new shell. After I suffer through one blank ls the occurrence never happens again, unless I open a new shell.
Mounted to mac, doesn't show DIR contents on first 'ls'-weirdmount3jpg
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What is the 'bg' option? I can't find any documentation on it.
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bg = background mount

bg = background mount

It's so when a machine is off and can't be mounted, it doesn't end my shell script, it just continues to the next mount.
It's in that link, if you do a find for 'bg'

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That's what it means for the NFS driver, yes. These options are all driver-specific and bg is not mentioned for cifs.
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That might explain why able to mount without any issues to the windows machines and not the macs. Is there a similar 'bg' command for cifs?
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It might be the mac doing some sort of timeout. I know NFS sometimes is done with an automount so it appears when it's used the same way -- the first try will return a blank ls, anything after will show the contents. The solution is to ls, wait a few seconds for it to attach, and continue.
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I'll try that. I'll ls then sleep and then see if it works

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It's not working. I don't think it's a timeout because when I open another shell and mount to the same computer it does the same thing.

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