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Old 12-08-2013
Need a little help

thx for reading first, i got some problems with my assignment,
this is the requirements of my assignment:
The program calculates and displays the largest and average of a group of input numbers.
The program should accept the input of a group of numbers, one at a time, each can be up to 2 digits, ended with a 0, and find and display the largest and the average of all valid input numbers (excluding the ending zero). For example, input of 46, -31, 6, 10, 12345, -4, 274 and 0 should result in 46 as the largest and the average of 5, with error messages indicating that 12345 and 274 are invalid.
Any invalid input character (eg. #, a, %, A, etc.) or number exceeding the range should cause an error message and be ignored.

my question is we didnt learn anything about the data type in unix yet, but i find some similar assignment they all use "@", what is "@" means in unix and is there any other ways to deal with this problem but not use "@"
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Old 12-08-2013
There is a homework section. Post in there. Read this first: Rules for Homework & Coursework Questions

It would also help a lot if we knew what sort of language this program is to be in, and give your thread a useful title. #6 and #11

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