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Old 11-28-2013
I can give you an idea of how it can be done assuming that you want to change some details on this specific line in the cron file of all 60 servers,

You can run the below commands with ssh,
1. List all the server in a file
2. Read the file using for loop for one server at a time
3. For each server using ssh take cronfile backup like,

crontab -l > cronbackup_$i$date 
 ($i your server name,$date -date on whic you are doing it)

4. Next use sed command with -e option in ssh command and make your changes as below and write it to another file

sed 's#00 18 \* \* 1 /box/Pra/bin/systeme_reverse.ksh -s >/dev/null 2>&1# \
00 18 \* \* 3 /box/Pra/bin/new_script.ksh -s >/dev/null 2>\&1#g' cronbackup_$i$date > cronfile_new_$i$date

here we are chaning 2 things,
i, day of launch from 1 to 3
ii, script name from systeme_reverse.ksh to new_script.ksh

5. Now upload the new cronfile which has the edited content with ssh as below,

crontab cronfile_new_$i$date

Hope these steps could give you some idea!!!
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