I think I broke it....

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Old 09-30-2001
I think I broke it....

I was trying to install gcc on my solaris 2.6 box... and I kept encountering an error that was probably due to the lack of allocated space to the /var/spool/pkg...

For some reason... I'm still trying to figure this out... I make symbolic links to every instace of /spool I could find... I then accidently deleted /spool under /var/spool... which happened to be a symbolic link to ../var/spool or something...

Anyways... I started making alot of links... now whenever I try to get something going... like dtpad or dterm... I get the following error:

Error: Can't open display: :0.0

All help will be greatly appreciated.
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Old 09-30-2001
Maybe an answer to this might help my problem...

What directories can are you allowed to make a link to... and which directories should you not make a link to?

/ is small... so i'm trying to move everything to the larger /usr ... that's why I make links to everything...

Greg Lehey recommends this be done for FreeBSD installs with certain directories... but can you apply the same to a Solaris system?
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Old 10-01-2001


first of all, try to find out what exactly you erased. If it's /var/spool, then you've basically deleted those folders where programs send output, and temp info, like printer, sendmail, at, etc... Look up at the same system what folder tree it has to be, and restore it. I couldnt think of something else. Sorry.

Good luckSmilie
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Old 10-01-2001
thanks for the reply... but whatever I did... it totally screwed things up...

I might have deleted /var/spool or some other spool in another directory... when i tried to make a symbolic link...

anyways... when I rebooted... the bloody system was stuck on an hourglass...

I had no choice but to run a reinstall... but this time i'm going to give RedHat 6.2 a try.

Thanks for your suggestion... next time I'm gonna take things slowly... Smilie
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