Rsync whole folder and head of each file

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Old 11-08-2013
Rsync whole folder and head of each file

I am trying to backup the whole folder which contains years of data and huge size, some files are > 10GB. I want keep the exact organization of the folder, except that for bigger file only part of it (say head -50, or simply only the name of the file) will be kept. Then the structure of the folder will be copied exactly as "original" but not a real copy.
I have tried:
rsync -avzh /storage/path/yifangt --exclude=backups --max-size='1024k' /home/yifangt/BACKUP

How to modify my script to get that? Thanks a lot!


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Old 11-29-2013
rsync is not interested in your short or empty files, but you may be able to ask it to not sync large files, let's look: Yes:
--max-size=SIZE don't transfer any file larger than SIZE
Now, for the big files, you need to script up a find and process to make the exerp or empty files under the right relative paths.

If you make a local clone tree of the original directory tree, modified with exerpts, you can rsync that all, so your script does not have to ssh for every file it creates. A clone tree is a dir on the same device where you make all the same sub-directories and then hard-link all the files of the original tree (and any other inodes including any relative withing subtree symbolic links, but not absolute or relative outside subtree symolic links). When you want a file to be different, you must delete the hard link and replace it with a new, real file. (Only such files, with one link, should be written, else you destroy the original.)
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Old 11-29-2013
Thanks, but not really catch all of your ideas. Will reads more of the manpage as suggested. Have a great weekend!
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