Problem with multiplications

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Old 11-06-2013
Problem with multiplications

	echo -en "Enter hourly wage: "
	read hourlyWage
	echo -en "Enter hours worked this week: "
	read hoursWorked
	if [ $hoursWorked -gt 40 ]
		otHours=`expr $hoursWorked - 40`
		echo "$otHours"
		salary=`expr $hourlyWage \* 40`
		echo "$salary"
		otsalary=`expr $otHours \* $hourlyWage \* 1.5`##having error
		echo "$otsalary"
		echo "Hi"

For my otsalary caculation , i tried to multiply 2 variable and a 1.5 times, but the result was expr: non-integer argument
. Is there anything that im doing it wrong?

The echoing was to check whether the subtraction and multiplication is done correctly. But only subtraction works and multiplication failed.
Please help me out . Im new to shell.

Thank you

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Old 11-06-2013
Your variable names are different:
read hourlyWage
salary=`expr $hourlywage \* 40`

This User Gave Thanks to Yoda For This Post:
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Old 11-06-2013
Originally Posted by Yoda
Your variable names are different:
read hourlyWage
salary=`expr $hourlywage \* 40`

omg thank you what a stupid syntax error of mine, overlooked it Smilie
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