To run 5 commands at the same time with process from a list

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Originally Posted by yanglei_fage
hi the shift only support the maxmum 9 in this case, how bout if I want o start 15 process one time?
Are you sure that shift only supports up to 9. That would be very strange.

It seems much more likely that you didn't realize that $10 is expanded by the shell as ${1}0 (i.e., the 1st positional parameter followed by the digit zero) and that you need to use braces (as in ${10}) to access multi-digit positional parameters.

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yum(8)																	    yum(8)

yum - Yellowdog Updater Modified shell SYNOPSIS
yum shell [filename] DESCRIPTION
yum includes an interactive shell for conducting multiple commands or sets of commands during a single execution of yum. These commands can be issued manually or passed to yum from a file. The commands are much the same as the normal yum command line options. See here yum(8) for that information. There are a few additional commands documented below. config [argument] [value] args: debuglevel, errorlevel, obsoletes, gpgcheck, assumeyes, exclude If no value is given it prints the current value. If value is given it sets that value. repo [argument] [option] list: lists repositories and their status enable: enable repositories. option = repository id disable: disable repositories. option = repository id transaction [argument] list: lists the contents of the transaction reset: reset (zero-out) the transaction solve: run the dependency solver on the transaction run: run the transaction Examples The following are examples of using the yum shell. list available packagename* groupinfo 'Some Group' install foo remove bar update baz run That will list available packages matching the glob 'packagename*'. It will return information on the group 'Some Group' It will then queue the following commands into the transaction: install foo, remove bar, update baz. Then the 'run' command will resolve dependencies for the transaction commands and run the transaction. SEE ALSO
yum (8) AUTHORS
See the Authors file included with this program. BUGS
There of course aren't any bugs, but if you find any, they should be sent to the mailing list: or filed in bugzilla. Seth Vidal yum(8)

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