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Old 11-01-2013
Backup Disk

I have a backup script. Before it runs it need to check the backup disk is connected. It usually mounts to /Volumes/Files_Bakup_1

I wrote a bit of script to do the check but it has failed me.

! cd /Volumes/Files_Backup_1
    echo "could not connect to external hard drive";
    echo "Dear Admin, The backup script could not connect to external hard disk.\
    Please check and reconnect it!" | mail -s "MAILSERVER BACKUP"  
    exit 0;
    echo "making copy directory"
    copy_dir="/Volumes/Files_Backup_1/Backup_"`date +%Y-%m-%d_%H%M%S`
    mkdir $copy_dir

All it does is check if it can change directory to the Volume it mounted on if it can't then it emails me.

This failed because the code
cd /Volumes/Files_Backup_1

would just hang forever and the sh script would never get passed that line.
Is there a better way to test the backup disk is connected?

P.S i went in to terminal and issued

cd /Volumes

Which gave me results
Files        Files_Backup_1    Server HD2

but when i issued

I got

Filesystem              512-blocks       Used     Avail Capacity  Mounted on
/dev/disk0s3             160574256   73153056  86909200    46%    /
devfs                          206        206         0   100%    /dev
fdesc                            2          2         0   100%    /dev
<volfs>                       1024       1024         0   100%    /.vol
/dev/disk2s10            976509184   67922320 908586864     7%    /Volumes/Files
automount -nsl [215]             0          0         0   100%    /Network
automount -fstab [234]           0          0         0   100%    /automount/Servers
automount -static [234]          0          0         0   100%    /automount/static

No sign of the backup disk.
If i then did
cd Files_Backup_1

the computer would hang. in my sftp client i couldn't even cd to /Volumes it just would hang.

What is wrong with my backup disk why does it do this?

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Old 11-01-2013
This sort of issue is frequently encountered when you have network issues, and/or the nfs-server is not responding... Can be a nightmare if you have filesystems already mounted and e.g. had an ls of a NFS directory...
Should we understand your script worked so far but now you met a sever issue, you want to try to correct things or is it your first atempt and its not working?
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Old 11-04-2013
Hi again sorry for the late reply.

Yes the backup script had been working fine for a long time then one day i checked my backups and noticed backups were missing and this first time the hard disk had unmounted itself. Then i updated the script to email me if it cant cd the volume. Then about two weeks later i had the script hanging on the cd command. How will i go about diagnosing this problem?
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Old 11-04-2013
If i understand correctly /Volumes/Files_Backup_1 is your mount point. The mount point will always be there, because it is part of the parent FS. To make sure you have something mounted there you either have to check for /Volumes/Files_Backup_1/somefile or use the mount and search for your mount. Something like

if mount | grep -q "/Volumes/Files_Backup_1" ; then ...

I hope this helps.

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Old 11-04-2013
Thanks bakunin.

I think this will be very helpful. I can use this in my backup scripts to determine if the disk is mounted however I am unsure what i will need to do to find out why this is happening. If it is a network issue as vbe suggests I assume i need to catch the moment that this fails and notify me so i can check the system logs at this point. Is this something i can achieve with cron?
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Old 11-04-2013
I usually test before anything else the presence and operationnal NFS...
You could try to use touch on the FS and check the return code and if OK, conitnue...
I find it useless to test permanetly to see if its there when not needed...
And If not OK your script should warn you...
If you are using automounter then do cd 2NFS; sleep 1 so it has time to mount... (ajust the sleep accordingly maybe 1 is too short...)
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