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Moving files with specific names

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Old 10-27-2013
Moving files with specific names

I have a list of names (in a text file) like this:

I'd like to have a unix code to find all the files which have any of above strings in their name and move them to a specific directory. I have my files distributed in many subdirectories so it has to search them all.
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Old 10-27-2013
xargs -I% find /source -name "*%*" -exec mv {} /destination \; < list.txt

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Old 10-27-2013
cat list.txt | while read pattern; do find sourcedir -name "*$pattern*" -exec mv '{}' destdir/ \;;done

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Old 10-27-2013
Originally Posted by a_bahreini
I'd like to have a unix code to find all the files which have any of above strings in their name and move them to a specific directory. I have my files distributed in many subdirectories so it has to search them all.
Have you made any attempt to solve the problem yourself? If so, show us your code. If not, did you at least search the forum? This has been answered before.

Originally Posted by bartus11
xargs -I% find /source -name "*%*" -exec mv {} /destination \; < list.txt

Originally Posted by targzeta
cat list.txt | while read pattern; do find sourcedir -name "*$pattern*" -exec mv '{}' destdir/ \;;done

There is no need to traverse the filesystem hierarchy more than once, much less once per pattern. A much more efficient approach runs find only once, piping its output into grep. Whatever survives is moved.

The OP did not address basename collisions. If they're a possibility, then clobbering needs to be addressed.


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