How to put "top" command in crontob?

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Old 10-24-2013
Debian How to put "top" command in crontob?


how to put "top" command in crontab through script in
suse linux.

Below script is working fine, but it is not working when sheduled in crontab
script scheduled in cron:
#! /bin/ksh
top |head -5 >output.txt


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Old 10-24-2013
Mentionning your OS and version can help you know, top behaviour ( options) is OS dependant...
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Old 10-24-2013
'top' is an interactive command which is apt to use nonprinting terminal control sequences to reposition the cursor. It doesn't play well with things like 'head' since it doesn't have to print in rational order, and doesn't save well since it's intended for viewing in an interactive terminal.

You can try top -n 1 > outputfile so it doesn't keep looping at least, and 'cat filename' to dump the resulting file into a terminal where it will be viewable as intended.
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Old 10-24-2013
I assume you are on a debian in which cae using -b for batch mode is of some help, then as you should know by now cron is very dumb and so has no knowledge of your envrironment starting by $PATH as you do not say where it is or if its in generic system PATH ( I doubt...) there is very little chance it being executed..
Saying it not working in cron doesnt help if you do not give use the error message...
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