awk help: how to pull phrase and one column from line above?

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Old 09-27-2013
awk help: how to pull phrase and one column from line above?

Hi everyone,

Here's my awk statement so far:
awk '/TOTAL TYPE:/{print x;print};{x=$0}' file1 >file2

'file1' has too much proprietary data in it to include here, so let's go with the output from code above. It looks like this:

    123456       JAMES T KIRK                    D          31       S50  S90          2013/10/31         36
                                                 TOTAL TYPE: 1897
    654321       MR SPOCK                        P           1                 L45     2013/10/31         48
                                                 TOTAL TYPE:   37
    555111       BEN KENOBI                      V          13                 L70     2013/10/31         36
                                                 TOTAL TYPE:  446

What I really want to do is search for the phrase 'TOTAL TYPE', print it and the number afer the colon, and then also print the value from the line above that only occurs in column 50-51 (either a D, P, or V in this example). Spacing might be off a bit for this file example, but the field I want is consistently in 50-51. Doesn't matter to me if I have to make more than one output file to achieve result.

Clear as mud, eh? Thanks a bunch.
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Old 09-27-2013
Do you mean something like:
awk '
        printf("%s %s %s %s\n", $1, $2, $3, s)
{       s = substr($0, 50, 2)
}' file1 > file2

which produces:

from your sample input. Note that you said you want the last field on printed lines to be the data in columns 50 and 51 of the previous line. Is that always the 3rd field on the line? If so you can simplify the script a little bit by changing:
{       s = substr($0, 50, 2)

{       s = $3

If you want to run this script on a Solaris/SunOS system, use /usr/xpg4/bin/awk, /usr/xpg6/bin/awk, or nawk instead of awk.

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Old 09-27-2013
Yes! That's it. Unfortunately, the column value I want isn't always the $3 field when the name has a middle initial. James T Kirk, for example, puts the value I want in $5.

Thank you!
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