How can we identify SAN devices in fdisk -l output.?

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Old 09-18-2013
RedHat How can we identify SAN devices in fdisk -l output.?

We can Know the storage devices in fdisk -l. But Please tell me how can i identify the SAN devices Smilie

How SAN devices are represented in the fdisk -l output SmilieSmilie

Thanks in Advance........Smilie
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Old 09-18-2013
You'll have to lookup more info in (for example) /sys. You can try /sys/block/<device>... but depending you may also have to look through /sys/class/ (the various scsi_host style entries).
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Old 09-22-2013
I'm asking how san devices are represented ..... For example. If we want to know the scsi devices in fdisk -l ..... They are represented as sda,sdb,etc..... In the same way.... How SAN devices are represented........??
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Old 09-23-2013
In most cases, except possibly for some (small minority) HBAs, they'll show up as normal SCSI drives (sdX) once probe/scanned.
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