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Old 09-18-2013
I think the Linux OS which your using is customized in such ways that you should use very basic commands due to security reason, check out the guys with who have build this server and who have root access.
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Tk_GetUid(3)						       Tk Library Procedures						      Tk_GetUid(3)


Tk_GetUid, Tk_Uid - convert from string to unique identifier SYNOPSIS
#include <tk.h> Tk_Uid Tk_GetUid(string) ARGUMENTS
char *string (in) String for which the corresponding unique identifier is desired. _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
Tk_GetUid returns the unique identifier corresponding to string. Unique identifiers are similar to atoms in Lisp, and are used in Tk to speed up comparisons and searches. A unique identifier (type Tk_Uid) is a string pointer and may be used anywhere that a variable of type "char *" could be used. However, there is guaranteed to be exactly one unique identifier for any given string value. If Tk_GetUid is called twice, once with string a and once with string b, and if a and b have the same string value (strcmp(a, b) == 0), then Tk_GetUid will return exactly the same Tk_Uid value for each call (Tk_GetUid(a) == Tk_GetUid(b)). This means that variables of type Tk_Uid may be com- pared directly (x == y) without having to call strcmp. In addition, the return value from Tk_GetUid will have the same string value as its argument (strcmp(Tk_GetUid(a), a) == 0). KEYWORDS
atom, unique identifier Tk Tk_GetUid(3)