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Old 09-09-2013
Regex matching with grep -l

I am trying to find patterns in files using grep -l -e. I specifically am searching for abc. I want any file that has abc in it, but not just the letters abc. I am searching for a pattern a followed by b followed by c. I have tried egrep -l and also I have tried the following:

grep -el '\(abc\)\$'

This will return abc but if there are more characters it will return those too.

I have patterns such as the following

in with other patterns and I want only these to be selected (found). In addition I was trying to find out how to negate the search. Not sure if grep is the right tool for this.
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Old 09-09-2013
I'm not sure I understand.

Could you not find a followed by b followed by c with just:
grep abc ...

-v negates results:

# cat file
# grep abc file
# grep -v abc file

-l (ell) will return the filename(s) with matches, instead of the matches themselves.

If you want only to extract the exact abc match (assuming that's variable, and thus useful), use the -o option, if available, otherwise switch to sed, or another tool.

Use the -q option if you only care about the result, and not the output.
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Old 09-13-2013
I'm going to guess that you also want to match abcfoo, acbcfoo and afoobfooc but not afoocfoob?
If so, try this:
# echo "fooafoobfoocfoo" | grep -e 'a.*b.*c'
# echo "fooafoocfoobfoo" | grep -e 'a.*b.*c'

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