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Select records based on search criteria on first column

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Old 12-02-2005
Select records based on search criteria on first column

Hi All,

I need to select only those records having a non zero record in the first column of a comma delimited file.

Suppose my input file is having data like:

"0","01/08/2005 07:11:15",1,1,"Created",,"01/08/2005"
"0","01/08/2005 07:12:40",1,1,"Created",,"01/08/2005"
"552130000","01/08/2005 07:16:53",2,3,"FIDS_Accept",,"01/08/2005"

Then I need the output having only

"552130000","01/08/2005 07:16:53",2,3,"FIDS_Accept",,"01/08/2005"

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Old 12-02-2005
Got it...

awk '$1 !~ /"0"/' inputfile > outputfile
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Old 12-02-2005
sed '/^"0"/d' > yourfile.result


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