Script to collect log files in case of server crash

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Old 08-30-2013
HP Script to collect log files in case of server crash

Environmnet: HP-UX B.11.31 U ia64
RDBMS: Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production


When server hangs or node evicts, we open up tickets with Oracle Support and Oracle Support ask for some list of log files.

Currently we can not use the TFA(trace file analyzer) tool/script.

We like to automate the log from following location;

Clusterware related:
1.CRS logs from $ORA_CRS_HOME/log/<hostname>/crsd/
2.CSS logs from $ORA_CRS_HOME/log/<hostname>/cssd/
3.CRS alert<nodename>.log present from the $ORA_CRS_HOME/log/<hostname>

OS related
4.OS log /var/adm/syslog/syslog.log
5. OSWatcher logs from all nodes

DB related
6. DB alert.log and all trace files from bdump & udump directories generated at time of problem
7. If ASM from use same information from it is needed

Please review and advise on the script.


HOST_NAME=`hostname -a`
export ORACLE_BASE=/app/oracle
export ORACLE_HOME=${ORACLE_BASE}/product/
export TRACE_LOG=/exports/crs_trace.log
export ADR_HOME=/u01/oracle/admin/diag/rdbms/orcl/orcl
export ORA_CRS_HOME=/app/grid/product/
export PATH=${PATH}:${ORACLE_HOME}/bin:${ORA_CRS_HOME}/bin
d=$(date +%m%d%y)

for srcfile in ${srcdir}/*
    dstfile=$(basename $srcfile)
    cp $srcfile $dstdir/$dstfile
cd /exports
$ORA_CRS_HOME/bin/ --collect --adr --aftertime $1 >$TRACE_LOG

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Old 08-30-2013
Why, do the logs get truncated or lack restart headers?
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Old 08-30-2013
I would improve
cd /exports

cd "$dstdir" &&

I.e. the following command is only run if the cd was successful.

Further I am not used to the construct in your for loop, and would use simple shell code instead:
( # do the cd in a sub shell
if cd "$srcdir"
 for srcfile in *
    [ -f "$srcfile" ] &&
    cp "$srcfile" "$dstdir/$srcfile.$d"
) # return from the sub shell = recover from the cd

At least have each $variable in quotes when used in command arguments!
If you need additional debugging tools, like tusc/truss and tcpdump:
simply download them from Do not forget to also download the run-time-dependent packages (e.g. libpcap and openssl are required by tcpdump).
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