Looping Logic, Need to implement

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Old 08-30-2013
Looping Logic, Need to implement

I need to implement a looping logic.

If [ Test = 1] then
Go to /path1/file*

Get all the filename starting with file* and store it in a array
count file number and store it in variable like run
Ex: I found 3 file with starting file* so my run = 3
means my loop should run three time
May be like this

While run =3

for first filename, it search 'a' is there in the file if yes
echo ' a is exist'
echo 'a is not exist
run ++

so next time it again run and search 'a' in the second file to
echo ' a is exist'
echo 'a is not exist
run ++

and same again it search 'a' in the third file.

Kindly help
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Old 08-30-2013
There should be no need to populate an array, or use a counting variable (run).

The for loop will populate a variable (file in this case) with each filename and loop for you.

Here I use grep with -q (quiet) option to test for string a and set the exit status, this is used by the if statement:

for file in /path1/file*
   if grep -q a $file
        echo "a is exist in $file"
        echo "a is not exist in $file"

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