Unix - Navigating the file system

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Unix - Navigating the file system

When I log on to my unix session I have a default location. But I need to navigate 3 directories up then 6 directories down to where I want to be. There must be a way to create some sort of short cut from my defeault location to my required location. Can anyone help?
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You must be having a .bashrc or .bash_login which must be read when you login.

I think you can make an entry as cd /target/dir in that login file.
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I think what you are looking for is a symbolic link. You could create a link in your home directory to the location you want to go. Look at the manpage for the command "ln" on your system to get the right syntax. On Solaris it would be something like this:

ln -s ../../../dir1/dir2/dir3/dir4/dir5/targetdir name

Where that path is the path to the directory you want, and name is the name of the link in your home directory. After that, doing "cd name" would put you in your target directory.
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you could add the cd line that vino suggested as the last line in your default shell's initialization file (sh/ksh uses .profile, csh uses .login, bash uses .bashrc, etc.) but that might affect how you go about with your work after the initial login ...

i think your best bet is to create either a symlink to the target directory like rhfromm said or create an alias for the cd (i.e., alias mydir="cd /target/dir") in your environment file whichever one it is that your default shell uses ...
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Thanks for the advice people Smilie

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