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Rsync Can I delete .NFS and .fuse files

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Old 08-25-2013
Rsync Can I delete .NFS and .fuse files


I have some files in a local directory and perform an rsync command with the files in a remote directory, Now when I checked the files in the local and the remote directory, I found some strange filetypes such as this: .nfs0000000001d0c8e000002ff2 , .fuse_hidden000014da00000001 etc etc, also some files ending in a ~ like filename.m~ or filename~

What is the use of these files ?
It is safe to delete these files from both local and remote directory ?
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Old 08-25-2013
Without seeing the perms (and type) all we know is what you say you have files...
Usually files hidden are hidden purposely and so when you dont know what they are, you should not touch them...
Knowing your OS and the attributes of the files can help us, in telling you more...
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Old 08-26-2013
RE : File types


Ok I ran an ls -lat command and this is what I get

This is the output for filenames beginning with ,fuse
Output of ls -lt .fuse*
-rw-------. 1 milli milli 657199 Aug 21 12:37 .fuse_hidden000008ea00000001
-rw-------. 1 milli milli 901745 Aug  5 13:50 .fuse_hidden0000063300000001
-rw-------. 1 milli milli 900080 Aug  5 13:42 .fuse_hidden0000099500000001
-rw-------. 1 milli milli 845958 May  5 17:42 .fuse_hidden0000180400000007
-rw-------. 1 milli milli 848917 May  5 15:47 .fuse_hidden000016ac00000004
-rw-------. 1 milli milli 849547 May  5 15:33 .fuse_hidden0000162100000002
-rw-------. 1 milli milli 849400 May  5 15:24 .fuse_hidden000014da00000001

Then the other file type is .nfs
Output of ls -lt *.nfs
-rw-------. 1 milli milli 36278 Apr  5 14:03 .nfs0000000001d0c8e000002ff2

Btw the OS is Ubuntu 12.10
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Old 08-26-2013
These files seemed to be generated when removing files while some processes have still those files open... You will need to investigate a little more in order to explain what/why they are and after, decide to remove them, are you the NFS server?

Instead of actually deleting the file, it is renamed to '.fuse_hidden...' until the last reference is released by fuse:
Filesystem in Userspace (FUSE) is an operating system mechanism for Unix-like computer operating systems that lets non-privileged users create their own file systems without editing kernel code.

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